Thursday, 19 February 2015

Ohai there...

So yeah... I'm pretty new to blogging but I'm aspiring to one day be a published writer... That day may not be coming any time soon so until then I wanted to share my work with people and get a larger input on what I write and how.
Hopefully with each post I will be including either something I have recently started writing or something from the past.
I should probably mention that I am on a course to get a BA in creative writing. How well I will fair on said course is anyone's guess.
Well without further delay here is something from a while back. It is just something very short and was originally just me playing with a second person narrative:

Good morning you have not slept well. How could you have? But you’re awake now and that’s what counts. You survived the first and most important night. It’s an accomplishment you should be proud of yet you aren’t proud at all. A certain fear grips you and it overpowers everything else. You aren’t a fortune teller but you know things will only get worse. As you move to a corner of the bleak room you wonder if there will ever be a reason for you to exist. Your thoughts are still limited. Your body still heavy. Your heart… well who cares about that? The day will pass slowly and uneventfully again then as night creeps across the room you will eventually drift into another restless sleep, if you can call it that. The coming days will be harsh and you will wish you hadn’t been brought into existence. All you can do is remember what you were told and do as you were asked. You haven’t realised it yet but you are pacing between the corners of the room. It’s something you weren’t told to do but you’re doing it anyway. See it’s not so hard you can do this. At the thought of success your body decides it doesn’t want to walk anymore and you collapse under your own weight. Back to square one. You need to try to stop worrying but you can’t. How could you not worry? She told you to have your own life without her. You both needed freedom she explained it to you over and over again. However when she ended her life and commanded you to be free did she, your master, consider for one second that she’d break your heart? Be free, live your own life. You could try all you like but deep down you know without her you are nothing. After all what is a golem without someone to command it?

Well I hope someone reads this and would let me know what they think/feel ^_^

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