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Independent Reading Portfolio: Genres marks and sharing the Crime extract ^_^

So yeah just got my mark back from my Independent Reading Portfolio: Genres... And well I don't think I did too badly... What I really want though is more opinions so I'm going to be trying to share these three pieces with as many people as I can.
As usual please excuse grammar, punctuation, etc (I really suck at that stuff and it keeps getting pointed out). There may also be a loss of formatting so apologies in advance. So without further stalling here is the crime extract:

Daylight was fading as detective Matthews entered the room. He nodded to the guard as he walked in. Quickly following him in was the fox girl. Her tail swished with each step. She paused, ears twitching as she sniffed the air.
“It stinks of wolf in here,” she said.
Detective Matthews nodded and pet her on the head. She looked at him in disgust and proceeded to sit at the table opposite their suspect. He followed and stood next to her.
“Well this is a little awkward isn’t it?” He asked.
“I didn’t do anything wrong,” said the young-man.
“Oh but you violate some of the most basic laws for your kind,”
Matthews pulled a revolver from the holster on his waist and set it on the table. He began searching his pockets and pulled out a syringe filled with a reddish liquid.
“This,” he said waving the syringe in the air, “Would lead to a better solution than that,” he indicated to the revolver.
“You’re gonna drug me?” The young-man shouted.
“No you idiot, it’s a tranquiliser specifically for your kind,” The fox girl chimed in.
The young-man looked at her in confusion. Matthews set the syringe next to the revolver.
“We can tranquilise you and have you sent to a shelter,” Matthews said
“A shelter? I’m not some kind of animal!” The young-man retorted.
“I’m sorry that was a bit heartless of me but you have to understand you have no papers or tattoo, for all we know you could be dangerous,”
“Papers or tattoo for what?”
“You’re a Lycan aren’t you?”
“A Lycan? Wait I’m not a werewolf!”
The fox girl shook her head.
“It’s almost time,” she said calmly.
Detective Matthews looked at his wrist and nodded. He picked up the revolver.
“Look shortly you’re going to change and then if you try to hurt anyone I have to put you down,” He said.
“Put me down? I’m not a werewolf.” The young-man protested.
“Look just tell us who’s trying to form a pack and we can tranquilise you,”
“A pack? How am I supposed to know?”
“Because we know you’re a lycan and very possibly the newest member of the pack.”
“I don’t know anything and I’m not a werewolf!”
“Ok let’s say you don’t know you’re a Lycan, has anyone approached you about joining them?”
“NO and I know I’m not a werewolf.”
The fox girl’s ears twitched.
“It’s coming,” she said.
Detective Matthews looked at his watch again and sighed. He pointed the revolver at the young-man.
“Wait, I don’t know anything!” the young-man screamed.
“You’re sweating, easily irritable and I bet your feeling itchy too right?” Matthews asked.
“No… Well yes but it’s cos I’m scared.”
“Really? Or is it because you’re about to turn?”
Detective Matthews pulled back the firing pin.
“Please don’t,” the young-man pleaded.
“It’s time,” the fox girl said.
She shuffled to the edge of her seat. Matthews stood with his revolver ready. Aimed at the young-man. Nothing. Then a ripping noise. A blur raced past them. The revolver spiralled across the floor. A giant bipedal wolf, tatters of a guard’s uniform clung to its body. The creature grabbed the young-man’s neck in its jaws. A gurgling followed by silence. The beast released its grip and let loose a howl. It dived through the window taking the bars and chunks of the wall with it.
“Capture?” the fox girl asked.
“Yes capture,” yelled Matthews as he leaped to the young-man’s aid.
Before he could finish the sentence the fox girl had already given chase. She leaped through the giant opening and across the gap between buildings. There were claw marks where the monster before her had scaled the wall. A chunk of concrete flew at her from above. She narrowly dodged. As she looked up she saw the werewolf almost two floors above. It snarled at her and continued its climb. The fox girl immediately gave chase. She jumped from ledge to ledge with ease. The gap between her and the wolf grew smaller and smaller. Just as the creature got close enough to touch it instinctively swiped at her. Its claws tore through her sleeve and into her flesh. She yelped and paused to inspect the wound. The monster had almost made it to the roof. Knowing she couldn’t lose sight of it she pushed herself to continue. Another piece of concrete flew at her. It completely missed. She resorted to running up the side of the building on all fours. There was no more gap as she ran alongside the beast. Deliberately keeping herself just out of its reach. They made it to the roof together. As the werewolf pulled itself up she leaped high into the air and arced over the wolf. She quickly swiped at it before it completely regained its balance. It just ignored her and pulled itself upright as it unleashed another howl. She backed up having realised her mistake. The creature dropped to all fours and charged at her. The fox girl barely moved out of its way. The monster slid to a halt. It turned towards her and charged again. The werewolf brushed against her. She couldn’t move. Letting out a yelp of surprise she turned to see the wolf had caught her tail. It dragged her backward. She struggled to pull away. The creature wrapped its giant hand around her neck and lifted her off the floor. She kicked and struggled. The creature tightened its grip. She began to frantically search her pockets. Saliva dripped from the creature’s mouth as it pulled her closer. Her hand finally closed around the syringe in her pocket. She slid the cap off and plunged it into the wolf’s inner-arm. The werewolf yelped in pain and threw her across the roof. It pulled the now empty syringe from its arm and let loose the loudest howl it could muster. The creature walked over to her each step clumsier than the last. It towered above her and raised its fist in the air. Then its eyes slid shut and the monster toppled over.

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