Monday, 5 October 2015

Ok so I'm not very good at this...

So yeah I'm not very good at keeping a blog up to date or making regular posts... I'm going to try and change that from now on I will try to post once a week even if it is something old I will post something in hopes of getting as much feedback as possible.
This time I will be posting another of the three genre pieces intended for last years coursework.
The piece itself is supposed to be of the sci-fi genre with similar restriction to the previous genre piece.
Below is the piece copy and pasted from word. Feel free to leave any feedback. Thank you ^_^

Light flooded the room. The taste of vomit filled my mouth. My head continued to ache and my vision was still slightly blurry. Depression was also kicking in. I closed my eyes. Guess I wasn’t so confident in myself anymore.
“Hey, how’re you feelin?” Marie asks as her fingers ran through my hair.
“Better,” I lied.
“You didn’t slip again did you?” she asked.
“Course not,” I whined.
It didn’t feel like much anymore but another day without slipping was still just another day without slipping.
“Good, I’m about to go get some food in,” she said.
I attempted to nod feebly. Then I heard the bedroom door close as she left and I wondered if she actually believed me. There was really no way for her to know if I had or not. Was there? I shrugged the thoughts off. It didn’t matter if she believed me. All I had to do was anything but slip. I’d made my decision and I needed to stick to it.
I searched under the pillow and grasped the small object. It was still there but I hadn’t used it. I pulled it out and sat up squinting at it. My face reflected in its smooth silver surface. I looked worse today than I did yesterday. There was something comforting about how the circular device fit perfectly in the palm of my hand. I gently pulled open the face. There it was. The dial grinned at me. It begged me to turn it. Twelve hours. Each one marked with a line. Each one beckoning me to use it. All I had to do was twist the dial and I would slip back. I knew the initial pain would be intense. My brain would feel as though it’s exploding. Enough uses and the damage would be irreparable. On the bright side within twelve hours I could do anything I wanted. In that time frame I was essentially my own God. My hand trembled over the dial. It was the answer to everything.
I heard the front door close. The noise made me drop the device. It fell neatly into the bedsheets. I stared at it. Its dial stared back at me with infinite promise. I had told myself I wasn’t addicted but it was this moment that caused me to realise I was addicted with the first use.
After scolding myself mentally I closed the face of the device. I looked quickly around and grabbed an old shirt. There wasn’t going to be a relapse today, I told myself as I tore a sleeve from the shirt. I grabbed the device and wrapped it in the sleeve then stuffed it neatly into my pocket.
The bedroom door flew open. I turned in shock to see a man in a black trench coat.
“Yo,” He said casually waving a shiny red object in his right hand.
I knew immediately something was wrong. As I stood to confront the intruder I realised the object wasn’t red. It was like a knife with a gold handle and a peculiar wavy silver blade which was covered in blood.
“So, I hear you have a piece of illegal tech,” he said.
I opened my mouth to deny it but before the words escaped his left fist sunk into my face. Shock rapidly spread throughout my body.
“Just hand it over so we can get this over with,”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I protest.
“You heretics are all the same. You go using your technology to go messing up God’s plans,”
“What? Are you crazy?”
“Crazy? Me? No. You’re the crazy one, messing with things that should only be touched by God,”
“So, what are you even gonna do?”
His lips curved into a crooked smile.
“I’m going to reclaim the power which belongs to God and punish all those who were touched by this un-holy technology,”
I reached into my pocket and grabbed the device. As I pulled it out he kneed me in the gut. I fell and dropped the device. It rolled. I watched helplessly as it left my reach. The man descended upon me like a beast. Knife in the air clasped in both hands. Blade pointing towards me. Descending. I tried to look away. I didn’t want to see the end as it came so quickly. That’s when I saw Marie. She was lying in the hall. A lonely island in a sea of crimson.
Something snapped. There it was. A new found need to slip back. The adrenaline surged. I raised one hand defending against my falling doom. The other I slammed into his ribs. It caught him off guard. I rolled him off of me. My heart was pounding in my ears as I scrambled to my knees. I edged towards the device. Pain seared the back of my left leg. The blade had been buried deep into it. I screeched in pain as it was ripped out. He dragged me back across the floor. My hands outstretched to the device. I kicked with my right leg and scored a lucky blow. With a push I used the man as a new found footing to launch myself forward. I grabbed the device. After haphazardly turning the dial I pressed it against my temple. The familiar burning sensation. A discomfort in my head caused me to close my eyes. The pain emanating from within my brain. Every electrical impulse, every memory from now etched itself forcibly into my past self. More scarring on my brain. Possibly more years off my life. I had no choice. It felt like I’d been hit by a truck, punched in the gut and dropped off a building all at once. The unusual feeling that the world had sped up. Then someone slammed on the breaks and everything came to a screeching halt.
I opened my eyes to find it was night and Marie was asleep on the chair. I hadn’t realised she’d been watching over me so intently. I had broken my promise. How could I tell her what had happened or rather what would happen?

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