Sunday, 3 January 2016

A small delay in adding Quest 3

Sadly this is later than it should be due to a family think lasting longer than it should have. It is now 3.37 am Monday morning and this should have been posted Sunday evening/night. 
Quest 3 - Assassin Appears! Takes us back to the unlucky Scholar and adds yet another character.
Quest 4 should be added next weekend (depends how I feel about the idea/progress of the project by next weekend). 
As usual the whole of Project: Quest Tracker (Name Subject To Change) can be found Here!
Feel free to leave me any feedback etc. I hope you enjoy ^_^

Quest 3 – Assassin Appears!
He kicked at the ground still cursing at his luck. Looking down at the plastic carrier bag he was confident his mood would improve when he got home and finally broke out his new game. He had made it just in time before the store closed to pick up the latest instalment of one of his favourite franchises. It wasn’t the limited edition he had sought after but it was better than the new random real world games. Streetlamps flickered into life. He breathed in the cold night air and let out a sigh. Ok maybe he wouldn’t get over it that easily but he wasn’t about to let his last minute trip to the game store be for nothing.
Eventually he was broken out of his thought filled daydream by a loud ping from his phone.  As he pulled the phone from his pocket a familiar fairy face appeared on his lock screen.
“Possible opponent nearby, would you like to check?” she said cheerfully.
He swiped his finger across the screen of his phone and sure enough the app filled the screen.
Assassin Level 3
“I thought I said to close the app,” he muttered to himself.
“You did but in the case of an imminent battle I must reactivate the app so you aren’t at a disadvantage,” the fairy replied.
“But I don’t-“
“Battle initiating in three, two, one, start!”
“Wait I’m not playing this dumb game,” he argued.
“Tell that to Assassin,” the fairy said with a giggle.
“Where is-“
Before he could finish the sentence a sharp pain flooded his abdomen. He clutched his stomach in agony.
“Guess who?” said an unfamiliar voice.
“You must be Assassin?” he asked.
A sudden pain in the side of the head sent him sideways. He found himself gazing up at a female in her teens with shoulder length blonde hair dressed fully in black. She flicked her hair then kicked him in the stomach again.
“I was saying I don’t want to play this stupid-“
Another kick cut him off.
“You don’t get a say in the matter, so just shut up and die quickly so I can have my xp,” she said in a hushed tone.
Thoughts raced through his head. Only one thought kept resurfacing. One question that was burning to be asked. Did she intend to literally kill him? His mind screamed it couldn’t be true but her face told him otherwise.
Without further hesitation he threw the bag with his new game in at her face. In her moment of flinching he scrambled to his feet and ran. She immediately began following.
“Run, run as fast as you can but I’ll still catch you my little gingerbread man,” she yelled after him.
His chest burned, his legs wanted to give way but he kept running. He turned down an alleyway, leapt over a fence and made so many turns that he was getting lost himself. Too afraid to turn around he kept running.
“Brawler has joined the battle,” said the fairy as the phone made another ping.  

THUD! Then everything went dark.

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