Saturday, 16 January 2016

Workshop stuff going but Quest 5 made it in time...

So yeah I kinda had my plans messed up ever so slightly by accepting to have my next 3000 words of my coursework piece workshopped in the next load of workshops (26/01) the trouble being I had lots of notes on how I wanted to continue on from the first 3000 words... I just hadn't actually started it yet... So I got almost halfway through that (currently 1,300 words give or take) and decided to make the time for the next "Quest" in Project: Quest Tracker (Name Subject To Change).
Please forgive me for any faltering of quality I had less time than I normally would have liked to put into planning, writing and editing this.
As a reminder the entire project in order can be found Here!
Anyways I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment or criticise ^_^

Quest 5: What can a Scholar do?
His hand grazed along the floor. Pain shot up his arm from his wrist. He yelped in pain. Embarrassment flooded his face as he looked over his shoulder. He didn’t feel very much like a Scholar now.
“What was-“ Brawler started to ask.
“Your health bar,” he said cutting her off through gritted teeth.
“You’re quick little gingerbread man,” Assassin said.
Brawler quickly snatched her phone from its pouch on her belt to check. Assassin wasted no time and grabbed at Brawlers arm.”
“Don’t let her touch you,” he shouted to Brawler.
It was too late Assassin already had a firm grip on Brawlers arm.
“Let go!” Brawler growled as she flung a fist at Assassins face.
Assassin nimbly dodged the fist. Brawler squirmed and struck out again and again. She hadn’t anticipated Assassin being able to move with such dexterity.
“Do something!” she yelled at Scholar.
Scholar finally began climbing to his feet.
“You’re joking right? Two against one?” Assassin said.
She began scrolling through her phone while avoiding Brawlers flailing fists.
“Let’s take a rain check on this shall we?” Assassin asked as she tapped her screen activating her Crippling Touch.
“You aren’t going anywhere!” Brawler yelled.
“Oh but you don’t have a say in the matter.”
Brawlers’ movements suddenly became sluggish and she started struggling to move at all. Assassin backed up slowly waving before turning around and walking away casually.
“Do something!” Brawler shouted at Scholar.
“Do what?” he asked.
“Anything! Just something!”
“I can’t.”
“What? You have at least a skill don’t you?”
He shook his head. She sighed and crumbled to her knees.
“Assassin is out of combat range,” both of their phones said in unison.
“We’re safe?” Scholar asked.
“I dunno,” Brawler said shaking her head.
Scholar held his breath as he scrolled through his phone until he found it.
Sorry There Are No Opponents In The Current Vicinity!
Finally he released his breath and let out a sigh of relief. Replacing the phone in his pocket he sat on the curb and began cradling his wrist.
“You’re hurt?” Brawler asked.
She nodded towards his wrist.
“Oh it’ll be fine I think,” he said.
Brawler began stretching her arms and legs.
“I dunno what happened but I can finally move properly again,” she said.
“Movement restriction?” Scholar suggested.
“Umm… In most games there are skills that restrict or limit movement to give you a theoretical advantage. In most cases they take the form of Stun, Paralysis, Slow or Knockdown. I’m not sure which would be applicable for us.”
She stared at him slightly shocked at the amount of information he had just rattled off.
“Is that your skill?” she asked.
He looked at her blankly then shook his head.
“I don’t have any skills.”
As if to prove his point he pulled out his phone and brought up the appropriate menu.
CLASS: Scholar
TYPE: Support
“That’s bizarre,” she said.

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