Sunday, 24 January 2016

Quest 6 was running a bit late T_T

So yeah sadly Quest 6 came a little later than I had hoped. Sadly reading and coursework come first...
Anyways now my workshop piece has been posted on moodle I was free to work on Quest 6...
Quest 6 introduces a new character Puppeteer... I wanted to take a quick break from Assassin, Brawler and Scholar to introduce Puppeteer before she joins the fray... She is a bit more complex than Brawler even if they appear to have experienced similar events (which might not be as similar as they seem)...
Anyways I wish I had done some sort of intro bit like this for Assassin... I did it with Brawler and Scholar because I have big things planned for them... but now I kinda wanted Assassin to be the main antagonist and it just seems a shame I missed a chance with her...
Anyways got lots more characters to introduce but next week should see us return to the story with Assassin, Brawler, Scholar and very possibly Puppeteer...
Ok I'll stop going on... Please read Quest 6 below or feel free to head over to the "Project: Quest Tracker (Name Subject To Change)" section to read the entire story so far...
I hope you enjoy... Please leave comments or criticisms as any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Quest 6 – Puppeteer takes the stage
She flung herself forward in a panic. Her heart was pounding in her ears. Breathing heavily she slowly reached out to her bedside table and flicked on the lamp. A dull glow illuminated the room. Her tightened chest began to ease. She slid her hand under her pillow and let out a sigh of relief as she pulled out her phone. Trembling she dragged her knees to her chest.
It was just a dream. She kept telling herself. Uncertainty remained caught in her throat. Memories circled within her head, like sharks waiting for a moment of weakness. Her isolation bobbed gently beneath the surface.
It’s not your fault. She told herself unsure if she could ever believe it.
You were driven to it. The attempt to rationalise was poor even by her standards.
It’s the game. It has to be. It was somewhat more believable.
She just couldn’t handle reliving the same event every time she tried to sleep.
The phone slipped from her hand. Tears worked their way down her cheeks.
She was a smart child and that was the reason her parents had separated. Her Mother was adamant on her reaching for the top and her Father wanted her to enjoy her childhood. If they had just gotten along she wouldn’t have been driven to the escape of games. If she hadn’t thrown herself so willingly into the arms of every new game. If only she hadn’t been so obsessed with Real World Gaming. If only she hadn’t joined THAT beta test. If only she hadn’t tried testing that skill. If… If… If…
So many if’s.
Of course someone of her intelligence wouldn’t have believed the implications of using a skill that claimed to control inanimate objects. Her intelligence? What a joke. She felt like the dumbest person alive. There wasn’t a need to test the skill on her best friend. If anything it was her fault. The doll may have killed her friend but she was the one who made it happen. She was, if nothing else, a murderer.
She sobbed quietly into her hands. There was no one else in the world who understood her now. Her family was broken. The only friendship she had ever known was gone.
An idea hit her. Her quivering hand reached for the phone. She sniffled slightly. Unlocking the screen she was confronted with that which had made her life worse.
CLASS: Puppeteer
TYPE: Mixed
-Puppet Mastery Level 1: Give life to an inanimate form to do your bidding.
Finger hovering over the skill she sniffled once more. Seconds slowly passed. She breathed deeply then pressed.
Sure enough her teddy bear slowly turned to face her.
“Mr Cuddles, you won’t ever leave me will you?” she whispered.

The teddy bear jerked its head from side to side. An attempt to shake its head. Puppeteer finally smiled. 

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