Saturday, 9 January 2016

Dun Dun Duuuuuuuun.... Quest 4 is here!

So ye after reviewing my previous additions for Project: Quest Tracker (Name Subject To Change) I've decided I will try to carry it on as best as I can for now. Hopefully I can get some feedback on it ^_^"
Well anyways here is Quest 4 - Forming a party. Hope you enjoy it and if you haven't seen the rest yet well you should read all that first you can find it all in order Here!

Quest 4 – Forming a party
She had only lost sight of him for a second as he turned the corner so of course she was surprised to find a fist flying towards her face as she turned the corner. Thankfully she could react quickly enough to barely avoid what could have been a painful impact.
“Well looks like this isn’t a simple case of, what did you call it? Noob hunting?” came the voice from her phone.
She wanted so badly to tell the Fairy to shut up but she could already see the next fist flying towards her. Her nimbleness kept her from being touched but this was obviously no beginner. Finally the assault stopped and she had a chance to take in the player standing before her. It was a girl who appeared older than her with long black hair a well-defined body and small fists which were deceptively powerful.
“So you must be Brawler?” she said looking down at her phone.
“And I’m guessing you’re Assassin which makes him Scholar,” Brawler replied pointing to an unconscious mass on the floor.
“Ah so that’s where he went.”
“I’m sorry I tend to think irrationally when I stumble across unfair fights.”
“Oh its fine we were just playing tag,” Assassin replied with a smile.
“You’re awfully happy for someone about to get their block knocked off.”
“Oh words can’t even begin to describe how happy I am to find a more suitable player.”
She kept Brawler talking as she scrolled through her phone with one hand. She knew the screen like the back of her hand.
CLASS: Assassin
TYPE: Melee
-Poisonous Touch
-Crippling Touch
-Nimble (Passive)
Without looking she tapped Poisonous Touch twice she anticipated the pop-up. Only one Touch effect can be active at a time activating this will disable any other Touch effect.
“This game isn’t what you think can’t we just talk this over?” Brawler pleaded.
Assassin couldn’t stop the smile spreading across her face.
“Ok let’s call a truce,” she said holding her free hand out towards Brawler.
Brawler cautiously stepped forward to shake the outstretched hand. As their hands were about to meet she lunged forward grabbing Brawlers hand as tightly as she could.
“I’m sorry I just wanted my little gingerbread man back,” she said nodding her head in the direction of the mass on the floor.

The mass stirred and sat bolt upright.
“That hurt!” he yelled.
“Oh you’re awake, you have one new notice please check the screen for more details,” a happy voice chimed from his phone.
He looked at the screen completely confused for a moment.
Brawler would like to create a party with you
As soon as the meaning of the message registered he tapped ACCEPT. Just like that a new menu option appeared labelled as PARTY. Tapping on the icon his own and Brawlers health bars were visible but something wasn’t right. Looking closely he realised Brawlers health bar was slowly dropping.

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