Saturday, 2 January 2016

Project: Quest Tracker (Name Subject To Change) second section added.

So today I added "Quest 2: To Brawler or not to Brawler..." which introduces a new character and hopefully puts across where I plan to take the story. Can you say "Let the games begin"?
Find Quest 2 below and for the entire story so far check Here!

Quest 2 – To Brawler or not to Brawler…
The smirk slowly faded from her face. Wisps of light resembling smoke slowly drifted away from his body. He didn’t move, he didn’t talk. Fear slowly began to grip her. He was taking this too far. It wasn’t funny anymore. As she stepped towards him his body began to emanate light. Slowly but surely he began to disappear. Every inch of him began to break down into pixelated cubes and collapse in upon itself.
“Congratulations Brawler you win,” said a cheerful voice.
She looked around for a second before realising the voice was coming from her phone. Pulling the phone from her pocket she glared at the happy looking fairy on the screen.
“Where is he?” she asked.
“There are no opponents nearby,” the fairy replied.
“That’s not what I meant. Where is he?”
“Your opponent was defeated and has been removed from the competition.”
“I know that but where did he go?” she asked trembling.
“Your last opponent has been removed, would you like to spend you points now?”
Terror clung to her as she frantically began searching through the menus.
CLASS: Brawler
TYPE: Melee
-Combo Maker
Would you like to spend your points?” said the cheerful voice.
She swiped the screen.
Sorry There Are No Opponents In The Current Vicinity!
“Looks like we need to find some more opponents to beat up,” the voice commented.
She swiped again and again but there was no indication of him there. Minimizing the app she went through her phone book. His name wasn’t there. It should have been there but it wasn’t. Not that it mattered she typed in the number manually.
“The number you have dialled has not been recognised,” the automatic voice began.
She shook her head. This couldn’t be happening. Filled with mixture of determination and desperation she began searching every social media she knew he had used. Nothing. Finally she returned to the app.
“How can I assist you?” the fairy asked.
The blonde haired bright eyed fairy floated eagerly awaiting her question. She hesitated. Unrelenting dread was almost strangling her. Breathing deeply she finally asked:
“What happens when a player’s health drops to 0?”
“They are removed from the competition,” the fairy replied.
“Where do they go?”
“I’m sorry I cannot answer that question.”
“Do they die?”
The fairy giggled.
“Of course they die if their health bar hits zero. So try not to lose ok?”
She fell to her knees. Her arm went limp. The phone clattered to the floor. It wasn’t her fault. She didn’t know what would happen. Tears began to stream down her cheeks.
A wild beeping noise from the phone broke her trance.
“There is a possible opponent nearby. Would you like to initiate a battle?” said the cheery voice.
Looking up at the night sky she realised she wasn’t alone in this mess. Others could make the same mistake as her. What could she do now?

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